What do these words have in common?

Fantasy … Imagination … curiosity … A sense of wonder

These are all traits of young readers. These are also exactly what Magician Bruce Purdy shares with his audience.

Do you plan to provide a kick off for your Summer reading program? Maybe a reward later for their participation? Then again, you may simply want to provide great family-friendly entertainment to the community at any time of the year.

Whatever your needs, Magician Bruce Purdy offers you a wonderful time – one people will be talking about in days to come. And YOU will receive the gratitude of your visitors.

Blurring the lines between reality and imagination, Everyone will wonder “Did that really happen? It’s impossible, but I saw it with my own eyes!” Then again, they may be laughing too hard to give it too much thought.

Several of your guests will be co-stars, and have their moment in the spotlight as various members of the audience are offered the chance to help.

Don’t delay, be the hero of your community, and your library the place to go. Contact us today, to reserve your date!


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